5 New Best Movies On Amazon Prime 2020

5 New Best Movies On Amazon Prime 2020

In this Post We will talk about Top 5 Best Movies on Amazon Prime. Before we will start, I would Like to Intimidate you that we are not only going to Talk bout English Movies. But Movies of Other languages also. But Don’t worry because if you watch these New movies on Amazon Prime than you can enable the English Subtitles to Understand Those Great Movies.

Best Movies on Amazon Prime

1. Parasite 2019

Here is the Small Parasite Review.

One of the recent 2020 Oscar-winning movie that I watched recently on Amazon Prime. I would also recommend you to see it because This is not just a Movie This movie is an art. Once you feel like smiling than at the very next scene you become emotional. Then after a few scenes, you will start thinking What the F**k has just happened? Because you will be shocked. You will not going to expect what is going to happen next.

Parasite Movie is Filled with Lots of Twists and Turns. Even though its in the Korean language. But still, I am admiring this movie and saying never I have ever seen this kind of movie in my life. Because of this movie, I will start seeing more and more Korean movies. If you have some great Korean movies like this then you can please suggest some movies through the comments section.

This is one of mine favorite movies on Amazon

You can Watch Parasite Movie Online at Prime Video – https://amzn.to/3eWecWs


2. Joker 2019

Here is the Small Joker Review.

Usually, I don’t like to watch DC comics movies. But this movie I saw because of the Joaquin Phoenix. One of the best actors present in the Entire world.  About this story – This movie tells you about why Arthur/ joker transfers from the sweetest and the very innocent guy to become the Darkest Villain of Gotham City. What makes a person go into the Wrong Path.

In the movie, the joker was taking revenge doing murders. We get the feeling of Tit for tat. We don’t feel Arthur doing wrong. We feel sad for Arthur. Storytelling, The direction and the acting in this movie is very great. I watched it in the theater and then watched it on Amazon Prime. You should also watch this.

This is Definitely the one of Mine favorite movies on Amazon Prime

You can Also Watch Joker Full Movie Online – https://amzn.to/2xjQ5QI


3. It Chapter 2 2019

Here is the Small IT Chapter 2 Review

About this movie I would say is that usually, sequels are not my favorite. I always try to like the sequels of the movie But I will never be able to. I also started seeing this IT Chapter 2 movie with low expectations. But OH My God what a movie this is. This Movie is More about adults than the Kids in the IT Chapter 1 movie.

One Think about this movie is that IT chapter 2 duration is quite long. Like 2 Hour 50 minutes was too long for me when I first saw it. I don’t know about you I had to take 2 breaks while watching the movie on amazon prime.

But Still, I would say It’s an entertaining film. Even though I had to take 2 breaks but still the story of this movie is something which makes you see what happens next. If you want to watch it. Don’t watch it with the kid. I am not saying because its a horror movie but I am saying this because the movie has lots of aggressive violent scenes.

You can Also Watch IT chapter 2 Full Movie Online – https://amzn.to/3bJRoYb


4. Contagion 2011

Here is the small Contagion Movie Review

Contagion movie is a kind of Old Movie as compare to other movies in this list. But I would recommend you to watch it right now Because of Corona Epidemic. This movie is about a similar kind of situation we are stuck in right now. This movie is a story about a very lethal virus that spread in human just like corona and Kills the person.

This Movie Gives you the message of “Stop touching your face, don’t talk to anyone. Don’t touch anyone. Keep sanitizing your hand and maintain social distancing”.

If i would see this movie before pandemic I won’t be able to consider how Dangerous a virus could be and kill thousands or Million of people. This movie will tell you to stop going out just for fun especially not during pandemic time. you would carry the virus and you won’t be able to know that you are carrying a dangerous virus in your body.

So, You should definitely watch this movie.

You can watch Contagion Full Movie Online – https://amzn.to/3d5XFOb


5. Trance 2020

This movie is a Quite Interesting movie. Before I tell you about this movie I want to say that This is an India Movie made in the Malayalam Language. I am recommending you watch this movie because this movie is not like another Indian movie you have seen or heard about. Like Filled with Dancing and Love.

No, Not at all. This movie is about a Spiritual Leader. How he become a Millionaire a Great Entrepreneur from Nothing. The story theme is quite basic but when you start seeing this movie. You will start tp feel Every moment every scene and the acting of Every actor is quite Gripping which makes viewers to watch it till last.

Is that spiritual leader is a Fraud or a very Genuine person who loves to help people. To know about this You have to see the full movie. Filled with Twist and Turn. If you love international movie than you should definitely watch this movie with subtitles.

This movie is not available on Amazon.com Prime Movies but available on Only India Amazon.in Prime movies. Watch Trance 2020 Full Movie online https://amzn.to/2y9fahB.



So, this was the list of Top 5 Best Movies On Amazon Prime and everyone should watch this movie during Boring Pandemic Time to Get rid of the Boredom. Now, i have a small task for you that. Tell us about the Best Movies On Amazon Prime according to you. Which movie should everyone watch? Tell us through comment section.

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