Extraction Movie Review – Action Action and Some More Action

Extraction Movie Review – Action Action and Some More Action

(Note – So, Before We start i want to clarify I am not an Expert Reviewer This is Just My Opinion. You May or May Not Agree on this. )

Here we are talking about the movie called Extraction. I am not an Action movie Lover. But Still, I watched this film because of its Hype and Its Shot in My Country India and also I saw the making of the movie in which I Mesmerized by the way the Extraction cinematographer was taking the shot. So, I wanted to know Will he able to make this action movie a greatly shot movie or Not.

Extraction Review

Little about the Plot –

Extraction Movie Began in India Where the Son Ovi (Rudhraksh Jaiswal) of a Big Indian Drug lord (Pankaj Tripathi) was kidnapped by a Big Bangladeshi Drug Lord (Priyanshu Painyuli). How Tyler Rake (Chris Hemsworth) a Black Market Professional Soldier and Nik Khan, the partner of Tyler (Golshifteh Farahani) gets the mission to go to Bangladesh to save the Indian Drug Lord son. Is he able to save the son or not For that you have to see the Movie?

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Pros and Cons –

The Best thing which I liked about this movie is the cinematography and the Editing of Action sequences. The way the cameraman shot this movie and Editor Edited this movie is very great. If you are a call of Duty Lover Than this movie action will definitely remind you about that game.  The cinematography makes you feel you are standing right in front of the fight. It’s Great.

Acting of the Actors. Chris Hemsworth is great. This movie is all about him. His action his acting. His emotions. Priyanshu Painyuli is good but we can’t say His role is quite average, He is a drug lord But doesn’t fit as a big drug lord. Instead, Pankaj Tripathi fir better as a drug lord even though he has a very small role.


Saju (Randeep Hooda) Indian Drug Lord Right man. Good acting. But because story revolves around Tyler and ovi more. So, he doesn’t fit properly in to the story.

Ovi (Rudraksh) a teenage son of a drug lord. If the director could add some more details or could give more preference to this role it would have been better because its the second big role of this movie after Tyler. But still, whatever he got He played it well.

Nik khan the partner of Tyler I am not able to connect with her because of her Expressionless face in any scene or maybe those black markets professional soldiers are also expressionless.

After Acting than comes the story. Hollywood action movies are not meant for a good story at least big-budget action movies never have a good story. Neither We should expect with this movie. This movie has a simple story to save the kid of drug lord no Here and there. As soon as Chris comes in front of the camera. In Every 5-minute Fighting and Killing starts. So, Expect the only action. Writers added some emotional scenes but those are not more than 2 or 3.


English Dialogue are Good for the action movie but there are some Hindi dialogue. I think writers wrote those dialogue in English and translate it in to Hindi through google translator. So it doesn’t have as much as power as English dialogue has.

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and Last Offcourse Action, Action is quite good. But we can’t say it’s the best because we have seen better action scenes in Hollywood. But yes because of cinematography and editing action scenes becomes cooler. Especially the chase scenes.



So, we end this review with a small conclusion that This movie is meant for only action lovers or Chris Hemsworth fan. But If you are the avenger’s fan or especially the Thor character fan. You can’t expect some kind of connection with this movie even after Thor the King of Asgard is here. For me, This is an Average Action Movie with some Great Action Sequences and Nothing.

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