The Movie When You Start hating Shakuntla Devi – Shakuntla Devi Movie Review

The Movie When You Start hating Shakuntla Devi – Shakuntla Devi Movie Review

Shakuntla Devi – A Plot

Shakuntla Devi is the New Movie release that is available on Amazon Prime Videos in India. This Movie is  about One of the Best Mathmatician in the World. Her name is Shakuntla Devi. She was Born in Small village in Bengaluru. How She Grew and How She went to London and Became the best Mathmatician of the World.

After becoming Mathmatician How her relationship changes with the loved ones like husband or Her Daughter. This is what Movie Told us About.

My Thinking Shakuntla Devi

Shakuntla Devi was the one of the Best mathmatician of the world. But I didn’t know what kind of person she was off stage.  I am very sorry to say but everytime I saw her on Screen. My Blood starts to Boil. Because She was Such a Stupid, crazy, selfish lady. Who always use to think about herself, Her Growth, Her Fame.

She Forgets about her daughter happiness for Fame. She thinks she is the perfect. She gave the birth to her daughter than her daughter is her own daughter not her husbands daughter.

In Once scene there is a interview where she talks about her Husband. She tells  her husband was “Homosexual”. Dude i am not against the Homosexuals but Calling a Straight guy a Homosexual just to look superior and gain sympothy. I think its not done.

Everytime when  Shakuntla Devi’s Daughter Fights against her I think Why she shouldn’t live separate along with her father. Why she is staying and roaming around with a Selfish Lady.

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Than In last when everything was going against her. protagonist Image shoudn’t damage. Filmmakers tried to make her Character realize her mistakes. Try to End the Movie to bring sympothy for the Selfish Lady.

Maybe This is the acting of Vidya balan that made me hate Shakuntla Devi or Whatever it is. I Now hate This Selfish Lady Personally who Destroyed the Childhood of her Daughter. Who Destroyed the life of her Husband For Own Satisfaction and to gain the fame.

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